Community school Westerpark West opened

23 May 2023

The community school Westerpark West will be festively opened in mid-May 2023. The community school offers space for approximately 700 primary school students, a daycare center and a playgroup.

The school can call itself a 'Fresh School'. The school distinguishes itself when it comes to interior design through natural materials and use of color and meets the fresh school concept Class B. The concept of a 'Fresh School' means a school building with low energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment. This involves looking at energy, air, temperature, light and sound. The school in Holland Park exceeds the standard set for this in that respect. Sustainability also plays an important role in the design. With, among other things, the connection to a sustainable collective heat and cold storage, the use of solar panels and high-quality insulation, the school building becomes energy neutral.

The community school will be located in the residential area of ​​Holland Park West (Park Valley). In this new neighborhood of the Holland Park residential area, 716 homes, which vary in (social and medium-priced) rental and purchase, are being built in phases.

The plan is a collaboration between BPD and Dura Vermeer on behalf of the municipality of Diemen. The esign is provided by Mecanoo Architects, Pieters Bouwtechniek construction advice, Merosch installatie advies, Bureau Nieman and BOOM Landscape. As chief structural engineer, Pieters Bouwtechniek played an essential role in the development of the Brede School, with particular attention to the design of the stairs in the atrium. Here, Pieters Bouwtechniek has been intensively involved in creating a vibration comfort that meets high standards, so that the students have a pleasant and stable experience within the school environment. Finally, the project has been enriched by its unique aspects, such as the placement above the parking garage, the successful 3D collaboration between all parties involved and the strikingly spacious gymnasium.

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