First post at Car Rental Parking (CRP) 4, Schiphol

26 September 2023

Last week it was celebrated that the first pile was driven in the realization of Car Rental Parking (CRP) 4 at Schiphol, the largest car rental location in the Netherlands. Former P4 parking lot is being transformed into a modern car rental location of 40,000 m².

Service facilities are offered to the five largest car rental companies under a 17,000 m² sunroof. The five companies are grouped around a central axis, each with its own address and site, where rental cars can be returned and prepared for the next rental period. The five buildings provide facilities for maintenance, repairs and cleaning of the vehicles.

The roof full of solar panels generates energy comparable to the annual consumption of approximately 1,000 households. The steel construction was designed with disassembly and circularity in mind, and mainly bio-based materials were used for the offices and workshops.

The Car Rental Service Center will be the largest car rental facility in the Netherlands, with space for approximately 2,500 cars. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

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