Hoisting in steel construction Maas window Rotterdam

27 March 2023

The first parts of the steel construction for the Maas window of the Lloyd Yard project have been lifted.

Maas window is part of Block D on the Lloydpier in Rotterdam. This block is seen as one of the most important transformation areas in the city. Under the name Lloyd Yard, 136 homes are being developed and 10 PO plots are being issued that offer space for your own interpretation. The houses are designed with an adventurous courtyard and a catering facility.

The reception of the floors above the Maas window is constructively challenging. Here are three floors with a roof garden. The construction for this consists of 4 storey-high steel trusses suspended in 2 main trusses of 3 storeys high. The span of the largest truss is over 25 m. The photos on the right show how they were lifted.



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