Lieven nominated for Zuiderkerk Prize 2020

23 October 2020

The project Lieven has been nominated for the Zuiderkerk Prize 2020. Amsterdam has been awarding a prize to the architect and client of the best housing project for 23 years in a row. The jury of the Zuiderkerk Prize is formed by an annually changing team of 3 experts in the field of architecture and urban development.

All kinds of housing starters live in Lieven: international students, students, job seekers, workers, artists and vulnerable young people who take their first steps on the housing market under supervision. In the common room there is a place to organize activities together, together with local residents.

Lieven is a place where the neighborhood can come together and where there is plenty of room for various activities, devised by residents and local residents. About 1200 home starters aged 18 to 27 will soon be renting a living space in Lieven. Together with their neighbours, residents take care of their own living space and environment. Neighbors get to know each other and help each other forward in Amsterdam.

Lieven has been made as energy efficient as possible. By using solar panels, a sustainable energy system and ensuring that rainwater ends up directly with groundwater, the project is very environmentally friendly. A total of 1,700 solar panels will be installed. The energy they generate is supplied directly to residents or to the sustainable energy system.

Pieters is the constructor of this sustainable and connecting project.

Image: Luuk Kramer
Image: Luuk Kramer
Image: Luuk Kramer

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