New Delftse Poort completed

13 July 2023

Nieuw Delftse Poort has been completed in the heart of Delft, designed by Studio Huijgens. Nieuw Delftse Poort is an apartment complex with a beautiful location on both the Nieuwe Gracht and the Van Leeuwenhoekpark. Delft Station, bus stations and the historic city center are within walking distance.

The building plan comprises approximately 12 units, with space for a commercial space on the ground floor and possibilities for expansion or living on the first floor and first floor. In addition, the apartments are life-resistant and are equipped with collective and sustainable installations for heating and cooling.

An easily accessible bicycle shed is available at the bottom, and the municipality is also realizing a collective parking garage where residents and users can buy a parking space.

In addition, the municipality is working on a mobility hub with shared electric cars, shared bicycles and shared cargo bikes. This offers future residents the opportunity to travel in a sustainable and flexible way.

The building layout is flexible, so that residents can determine the size of their apartment themselves. The apartments vary in size, with the possibility of two or three apartments per floor, and offer spaces from 75 to 165 m².

Nieuw Delftse Poort is a luxurious and sustainable living environment, where comfort and style come together.

The roof is covered with solar panels
The roof with greenery and solar panels

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