First pile Gymnastics and dance accommodation in Volendam

30 November 2020

The first pile was recently driven for a new Gymnastics and Dance facility in Volendam, designed by Kuiper Steur Architecten. The building is being realized on behalf of the municipality of Edam-Volendam. The accommodation will house a large gymnastics hall, a gymnasium, two dance halls and a dojo.

The building will make an urban contribution to a qualitative upgrade of the area. The building is located on the second access road to the Broeckgouw district. The road makes a sharp bend here. The building will act as a landmark. A 'hinge point' to the neighbourhood.

The characteristic place with lots of water and the IJsselmeer dike in the vicinity have been a source of inspiration for the architectural image. This gives the building a symbolic anchoring with the environment. Unlike many 'closed' sports buildings, this building has an extroverted character. A building that 'communicates' with its environment.

In September 2017, Kuiper Steur Architecten won the tender for the design of this building. The design was then further developed in a construction team together with Pieters BouwtechniekM3Energie and Mercuur Bouw.  

The relationship between sustainable energy options, sustainable choice of materials, construction options and spatial and aesthetic quality have been important starting points and determine the ultimate quality of the building.


Impression: Kuiper Steur Architecten BNA

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