Developments on the Cruquius Island

27 June 2019

In the coming years, the Cruquius area will be transformed from an industrial area into a working and residential area. This area offers many opportunities for the development of Amsterdam because it lies within the A10 ring road, so close to urban facilities.

The renewal of the Cruquius area is different from other areas in Amsterdam. The municipality does not make an urban development plan for this area. Instead, it gives promoters the opportunity to use their own knowledge, skills and creativity to implement projects that are appropriate to the desired development of this area. This means that initiators are given space, but at the same time they also have a greater responsibility than usual to the neighborhood.

There are various projects in which Pieters is involved. Among other things, we participate in the Sigma and Kavel 1.3 project.

Sigma project
At the Nieuwevaartkade, 6 spacious single-family homes with a fantastic roof terrace are facing south. From here you have a wonderful view of the water. Always free. Undoubtedly a special place here in Amsterdam!

The first pile was driven for this project at the beginning of June, so construction is in full swing.

Lot 1.3
Cruquius 1.3 ​​​​​​ consists of four impressive L-shaped buildings. In three of these buildings, owner-occupied homes (buildings 1.3 E, F and G) will be built and in the fourth building, free-sector rental homes (building 1.3 H). On the ground floor, in addition to the town houses, there is room for business premises for creative companies.

The -2 floor for this project was laid at the beginning of June, in short, the projects in the Cruquius area are in full development.

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