Plaza West in Haarlem is progressing steadily

3 December 2019

A new residential area is to be built on the site of the former EKP site in Haarlem in the coming years: Plaza West. The site has a rich history and has in the past served as Kolenhaven, marshalling yard, office of the municipality of Haarlem, GGD office and ExpeditieKnoopPunt from PTT Post. After all this activity there is room for a new plan.

Modern area with new stores and homes
Plaza West is becoming a modern area with new stores and homes. In total, around 600 rental homes are being built, spread over several buildings. The surface area per dwelling varies from 20 to 110 m².

We recently completed the foundation work on the site of building 5. The foundation consists of more than 400 screw piles. We then went to work on installing sheet piling. These large steel elements form the temporary wall of the new parking garage and the sheet piling will be in the ground at the end of October. We then continue with excavation work, in preparation for the next phase of construction. During the excavation work we also start with the laying of foundations in the basement and the sewer outside the construction pit.

The trajectory concerns DO up to and including design-ready design. During the design phase, Pieters Bouwtechniek continuously investigated structural variants and solutions, without losing sight of the structural, financial and installation-related conditions. All parties work together on BIM on a complete 3D model. In the implementation phase, Pieters Bouwtechniek will act as the coordinating structural engineer as well as the main structural engineer. Pieters ensures that the designs of the various suppliers of structural components are coordinated with each other.

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