ROC Horizon college in Purmerend

26 August 2019

The architectural delivery of ROC Horizon college in Purmerend has been successfully completed. ROC Horizon College is a regional training center for secondary vocational education in North Holland with headquarters in Hoorn, Alkmaar and Heerhugowaard. Horizon College is building a new branch in Purmerend together with ROC Regio College. The new school location will accommodate approximately 2,000 students and comprises approximately 10,000 m2 of gross floor space.

Horizon College and Regio College want to offer high-quality vocational education with good practical facilities in a joint school building in Purmerend. To achieve this, the two schools entered into a partnership a few years ago. With the cooperation, a comprehensive package of vocational education courses can be offered, together with the companies in the region this is done in a flexible and future-oriented way so that young people in their Waterland region are trained and can find a job.

The building has a well-arranged atrium in the heart where all the classrooms are located. All classrooms are located on the outside with openable parts in the facade. The colors and materials used are quiet in nature. Combining light colors with clear lacquered wooden frames creates an attractive and relaxed environment.

Pieters Bouwtechniek has made the structural design for this building. The floors extend no less than 7.5 m in relation to the facade with the main entrance on the ground floor. This has been achieved by applying floor-to-ceiling steel truss constructions.

Pieters has worked out the project up to the DO phase. There is tender for DO documents. Later on, the design was substantially changed for the sake of financial feasibility. Pieters was also involved in this.

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