Celebration of the emergence of the Holenkwartier

21 June 2022

A large group of (future) residents of Holenkwartier was allowed to raise a glass last Wednesday, June 15 and meet their (future) neighbors. The creation of Holenkwartier was celebrated by means of a festive gathering in the Pocket park of phase 1a. The design of the mural in phase 1a was unveiled. Subsequently, the official go-ahead was given for this special urban renewal project in Hoorn. In the coming years, a total of 400 homes will be built here.

More about Holenkwartier
The former Philips site will become an attractive living and working area. The program focuses on housing. Close to the city, with matching facilities, but with its own character. The plan therefore contains a large number of housing types that are complementary to the existing housing stock in Hoorn. Examples are urban houses, split-level houses, studios, lofts, flex apartments, patios and studio houses. It will be an urban, therefore diverse environment. No monotonous streets with the same houses, but rather a structure of courtyards, each with its own character and various forms of living.

Industrial architecture
Each residential block has its own identity. But they have one thing in common: a stylish and very powerful appearance. The architecture is clearly inspired by the industrial past of this location. Robust shapes, durable materials and sturdy finish.

All homes are equipped with a (floor) heating system that runs on energy-efficient, low temperatures. The heat pumps are connected to a collective heat network. As a result, there are no units hanging from the facade. Where necessary, the roofs are covered with solar panels and here and there planted with sedum: a natural covering that looks beautiful and insulates the block even more.

The five residential blocks rest on a semi-sunken parking garage. This is only accessible to the residents of Holenkwartier who have a parking space here. This makes the area as car-free as possible. Each house has one parking space.

Phase 1a has now been completed, phase 1b is currently being driven and reinforcement of the basement has started.

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