"Anyone who comes to work here must love variety"

22 July 2019

Youness Lyousoufi is ambitious, people-oriented and does not shy away from new challenges. He joined Pieters Bouwtechniek thirteen years ago as a modeller / constructor and now works as a main constructor and project manager on special and complex construction projects.

“Anyone who starts working at Pieters must like variety: one moment I consult with an architect about the structural design of a new building, the next I stand at a construction site to see how the construction is progressing. The great thing is that as a project manager from A to Z I am involved in all projects that I do. At Pieters, we do not stop after supplying a structural design, but we remain involved until the last bolt or screw is tightened. As a result, you are close to the practice, so that you really learn the profession well. "

“A cool project that I am currently working on is the AFAS Experience Center in Leusden, a gigantic building designed by Just Architects. The special arch construction at the entrance, the spherical theater and the balcony stand create interesting structural challenges. It gives enormous satisfaction if you know how to translate those challenges together with the architect and the client into smart structural solutions. ”

“After graduating, I was able to work as a constructor. Like every junior at Pieters, I was assigned a personal supervisor who taught me the tricks of the trade. After that I followed all sorts of training courses and courses to grow both professionally and personally. A few years ago I did the   BouwBrancheBrede Masterclass, a personal development program for high potentials in construction and real estate. I find it important not only to gain new knowledge, but also to invest in the development of my soft skills. You must be good at your job, but you must also be able to collaborate in a pleasant way with contractors, architects, clients and installers. After 13 years at Pieters, I am still not bored. The sky is the limit! ”

"Pieters is one of the larger construction agencies in the Netherlands. I have more than 150 colleagues, but because we work in different locations, it feels like I'm working in a small organization. The lines are also short: if you want to discuss a good idea with the management, the door is always open for you. Thanks to this open atmosphere, most people stay with Pieters for a long time. Everyone has a lot of professional knowledge and experience, so I learn a lot from my colleagues. And they are fun too. We work hard, but we also laugh a lot. ”

Pieters is looking for reinforcement!
Are you ambitious and do you want to contribute to special and complex construction projects at home and abroad? Then come and work at Pieters. We offer an open working atmosphere with enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleagues. You also get excellent opportunities for development and development within the field. Check our vacancies quickly and who knows, we'll talk to you soon!

Youness Lyousoufi

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