First pile swimming center De Welle celebrated

8 May 2023

The first pile was recently driven into the ground for the De Welle swimming center in Drachten. This was celebrated with all those involved and future users. Alderman Pieter van der Zwan drilled the first pile.

Work on preparing the ground for construction started at the beginning of February. The construction pit has now been dug, in which the first foundation piles are visible.

Swimming center De Welle
The De Welle swimming center will be an iconic building in the vicinity of the Sportlaan and will be constructed from sustainable materials. The building will be characterized by a green identity and energy efficiency.

The swimming center will accommodate various sports and recreational opportunities. For example, there will be a 50-metre pool for top sports, a multifunctional pool and an extensive recreation program with a recreation pool, toddler zone, paddling pool, wellness and a spray park.

The new swimming center will play an important role in the sports and recreation offer of Smallingerland and the surrounding area.

In collaboration with Municipality of SmallingerlandSportbedrijf DrachtenOLCO Maatschappelijk vastgoed B.V., Pieters Bouwtechniek, bbp advies B.V. and LBP Sight B.V.

The alderman drills the first pile | Photo: Sieta Stel Photography

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