Gorlaeus Building to visit during Construction Day

8 May 2023

On June 17, the Gorlaeus Building in Leiden can be visited during the Construction Day. Phase 2A is in the completion phase and a good impression of the final situation can already be gained. On the project, the visitor can follow a route and freely visit the project on his own. Information about the intended use can be obtained in various places. For more information about the visit, please visit the website of the Construction Day.

Gorlaeus Building
Leiden University is realizing a new and sustainable building at the Leiden Bio Science Park with research and educational facilities for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Gorlaeus Building. The new sustainable building stimulates academic collaboration and knowledge exchange.

A new building will be realized in three phases. The first phase of the new building was taken into use in 2016 and covers 45,000 m². Phase 2A, with a surface area of ​​30,000 m², will be realized in the period from 2018 to 2023. Phase 2B will be realized from 2023 to 2026. The entire Gorlaeus Building will be ready in 2026. The complex then covers an area of ​​almost 100,000 m².

Phase 2A consists of laboratories (part of which are low-vibration), office / work space, self-study places and teaching rooms (lectures and tutorials). In phase 2A, the communal facilities will also be realized: a library, central main entrance and catering. There will also be two large atria. A Voronoi facade, based on the mathematical Voronoi diagram (by mathematician Georgy Voronoi), will be placed at the main entrance, symbolizing the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The construction of phase 2A will start in the 4th quarter of 2021.

The building will be BREEAM certified with an ambition of BREEAM Excellent.


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