Meelfabriek and Water Tower winners RAP Leiden 2023

12 October 2023

Two Pieter's projects have won prizes at the Rijnlandse Architectuur Prijs 2023 (RAP071), the redevelopment of De Meelfabriek and the Bollenstreek Water Tower in Hillegom.

The Rhineland Architecture Prize RAP071 is organized by RAP Leiden and is set up to reward and encourage high-profile architecture in the Rhineland region. The prize is awarded every other year and consists of an audience prize and a jury prize.

Jury prize
The redevelopment of De Meelfabriek has won the jury prize.

It is remarkable that the jury does not make a choice between the two projects of the Meelfabriek that were on the shortlist: Singeltoren and Molengebouw-Riffellokaal. The Rhineland Architecture Prize was awarded to the complete development of the Meelfabriek, including design and implementation, including everything that was previously realized, including everything that is still under construction. The prize also goes to the team of architects and consultants, clients and builders involved.

From the jury report: 'This special project in development has everything a contemporary project needs. It combines repurposing with urban densification and the development of a special part of the city. […] The Meelfabriek will become an inclusive part of the city, where there is room for everyone, including local residents and visitors. The attention to details, the spatial quality, the programming with everyday and special functions: everything is of high quality.'

Audience Award
The audience award went to Lars Bouwmans Watertoren Bollenstreek in Hillegom. This monumental water tower has been given a new purpose and thus remains an attractive landmark for the bulb region. The jury describes the way in which the architect and client apply the 'Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)' in a practical manner and with great enthusiasm as exemplary.

Below is the aftermovie of the Feast of Architecture. The entire ceremony can be viewed via this link (credits: Bring it into Focus).

The Flour Factory
The former flour factory on Oosterkerkstraat in Leiden has been redeveloped into a residential area. Old factory buildings have been transformed into luxurious homes, a hotel, a spa & wellness, cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops and office spaces for creative companies. Demolition and new construction also took place. Almost the entire complex is a national monument.

The Singeltoren is one of the new-build towers that are part of the redevelopment of De Meelfabriek. The concept for the Singeltoren consists of three linked towers of different heights, which bring the diversity and composition of the current buildings into harmony with their surroundings, making it a subtle addition to the Leiden skyline.

The Singeltoren has a slender structure of 45 meters high, with 30 apartments of different sizes and two penthouses. The location was chosen in the heart of De Meelfabriek, next to the newly built student housing and on top of the parking garage. The ground floor includes commercial space, which strengthens the involvement with the environment.

The building uses a limited combination of materials: the skeleton was constructed from prefab concrete parts. The concrete structure contributes to the desired raw and industrial aesthetic.

The Mill Building (1947) and the Riffellokaal (1937) are two national monuments that are also part of the redevelopment of De Meelfabriek. Both buildings were originally used for milling and processing grain and have been converted into contemporary loft apartments.

The design objective was to preserve and enhance the impressive and visible steel structure of the original monument, while creating a distinctive post-industrial aesthetic for the residential lofts and commercial spaces. The newly added penthouse spans the two national monuments, whose visible steel and glass construction is an important architectural ornament.

Involved parties:
Client: Van der Wiel Beheer B.V.
Architect: Studio Akkerhuis
Main contractor: Van der Wiel Bouw B.V.
Building physics: LPB-Sight

Bollenstreek Water Tower
The Bollenstreek Water Tower in Hillegom, located on the border of North and South Holland, has been a recognizable symbol for the area for a long time. Originally, this water tower served to store water and regulate water pressure. However, after 96 years it was time to give the water tower a new purpose. The imposing building has lost its function and was ready for a new role that adds value to the environment.

Architect Lars Bouwman has transformed the water tower into a place with various meeting rooms, each with its own theme, commissioned by AW Groep. As a result, the Watertoren Bollenstreek has now become an inspiring location that invites meetings and flexible working.

De Meelfabriek, Leiden | Image: Corentin Haubruge
De SIngeltoren | Image: Corentin Haubruge
Molengebouw en Riffellokaal | Image: Corentin Haubruge
Bollenstreek Water Tower
Bollenstreek Water Tower

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