Paul Rijpstra hands over chairmanship of VNconstructeurs

27 May 2021

Paul Rijpstra handed over the chairmanship of VNconstructeurs to Eric van den Broek on Thursday 20 May 2021. Paul has been chairman for UN Constructors for 6 years.

In his role as chairman, Paul Rijpstra has put the association even better on the map, and the professionalization of the organization has been further set in motion in recent years. In addition, the activities have been further expanded and VN Constructeurs has acquired a prominent role within the Constructors' world and beyond.

During Paul Rijpstra's term of office, much attention was paid to the consequences for buildings in the event of earthquakes in Groningen and the problem with wide slab floors. Collapses of buildings have focused on increasing and guaranteeing safety in the entire construction column.

The most important result of the past 6 years is without doubt the enormous focus on constructive safety. A new constructor is needed to guarantee this constructive safety. Paul notes that one constructor must be responsible for the entire construction. This constructor must be able to guarantee constructive safety in order to prevent calamities. We call him the coordinating constructor new style. The coordinating new-style constructor will be the first point of contact for the whole, from design to detail, of the main supporting structure, the architectural structures and the auxiliary structures. He is responsible for results through his testing role.

Paul Rijpstra thanks the current and former board members for the cooperation and the members of the association for the trust placed in him. VNconstructeurs is an association to be proud of.

Paul Rijpstra

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