Pieters and Cruquius Island in Amsterdam

26 June 2023

Pieters Bouwtechniek Amsterdam is located with its office on Cruquiuseiland in Amsterdam. This area is in full development, the Cruquius area will transform from an industrial area into a working and residential area in the coming years. This area offers many opportunities for the development of Amsterdam because it is located within the A10 ring road, so close to urban facilities.

Pieters Amsterdam is proud to be involved as a structural engineer in the many projects on Cruquiuseiland.

One of the most special places on Cruquius is the old Sigma site. This part of Amsterdam in the Eastern Docklands represents a piece of industrial heritage, as Sigma's paint factory used to be housed here. You can see that character completely in the restored, monumental buildings.

You will find the old Sigma site on the south side of Cruquius. At the harbor and the lock, on the side of the Indische Buurt and the Flevopark. The Sigma site has been redeveloped and 1,375 m² (LFA) of creative business space will be available for sale here.

Lot 1.3
Cruquius 1.3 consists of four imposing L-shaped buildings. Three of these buildings will house owner-occupied homes (buildings 1.3 E, F and G) and the fourth building will house private rental housing (building 1.3H). On the ground floor, next to the town houses, there is space for business spaces for creative companies.

Harbour club
Harbour Club connects a complex program with the new neighborhood and its history in an undogmatic and optimistic design. A preserved wine terminal with restaurant has been complemented by a soundproof event hall, affordable housing and spectacular rooftop silo dwellings.

The building at the new marina has a program of 10,000 m². A bustling mix with a restaurant, event location, 81 starter homes, three luxury city homes and 5 living-work homes. The parking spaces for the project will be realized in an underground garage on the adjacent lot.

The characteristic wine terminal with its beautiful wooden construction retained its function as a restaurant, even during construction. After the dismantling of the adjacent industrial hall from the 1990s, the original brick facade on Cruquiusweg was partly visible again.

Real eye-catchers are the three steel wine silos on the roof. They have been preserved as icons of the island's history and have a new function as an elevated luxury town house. The three-storey houses are located on a shared roof terrace in a green roof landscape.

Head of Cruquius
On the site that used to be intended for industry, there are now 4 large buildings with homes and workplaces. An old office villa is also being rebuilt in its original state.

This will be placed in a prominent place on the square on the water. The experience of the water is all around: on the quays, on the balconies on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, on the square sloping down to the Entrepothaven and on the pedestrian pier along the harbor. The living and working areas offer a wide view of the canal, the harbor or the IJ.

At the head of Cruquius there is room for 3,374 m2 of work space, 349 homes, including 54 social rental homes.

Inner bend of Cruquius
From the surrounding area, the white terrace building De Bocht is a recognizable point in the middle of the new Cruquiuseiland district in Amsterdam East. The city comes together here: from nurse to CEO, singles and families, social tenants and buyers. Everyone can enjoy the qualities of Amsterdam and this place. De Bocht is an answer to the question of how we can live close together and still have liveable, equal neighborhoods with contemporary buildings. Together with De Loods and 2Peer, it forms De Binnenbocht, a cohesive trio on the water.


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