Three Pieters projects in pre-selection for the 2023 Timber Construction Prize

29 September 2023

Three Pieter's projects are in the preselection for the Houtbouwprijs 2023, namely Superhub Meerstad, Groningen, De Warren, Amsterdam and Juf Nienke, Amsterdam. Selected by the jury as excellent examples of timber construction.

The projects are divided into 3 categories: private timber construction, commercial timber construction and serial timber construction. From this preselection, the jury chooses the nominees from which the final award winners will be selected.

Superhub Meerstad, Groningen in the business timber construction category
The Superhub is a sustainable and flexible building where there is room for meetings, including a health center, café and the supermarket of the future. A Superhub is the modern version of the supermarket. It is a building where you can do your shopping, but which also offers additional programs. The Superhub in Meerstad has a completely wooden supporting structure with large spans and cantilevers.

De Warren, Amsterdam in the category of private timber construction
De Warren is a project with 36 energy-positive, wooden, social and medium-priced rental homes that are rented out under its own management to the members of the housing cooperative. Three years ago, De Warren started working with its architect Natrufied Architecture and 50 community members to design a sustainable and social building. The Warren has a hybrid wooden supporting structure, a large green facade, is energy positive and 30 percent of the building is designed for shared functions and spaces.

Juf Nienke, Amsterdam in the serial timber construction category
Juf Nienke in Amsterdam consists of 61 fully wooden rental homes, designed to provide a modern and sustainable living environment for residents from education, police and healthcare. This target group of residents was chosen because the lack of suitable living space causes a major shortage of personnel in certain professional groups in Amsterdam. Miss Nienke is composed of five layers of stacked wooden modules of 15m high on a concrete table structure.

The winners will be announced during Houtdag 2023, on November 14.


Superhub Meerstad, Groningen | Image: Ronald Tilleman
De Warren, Amsterdam | Imagel: Pieters Bouwtechniek
Juf Nienke, Amsterdam | Image: Stijn Poelstra

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